Friday, December 7, 2012

Embrace the Camera: New Boots

It's another Embrace the Camera day.  Since I haven't taken any pictures of anyone in a while, I had to get creative.  :-)  I thought I would show you what I look like getting ready to take the two younger boys to the bus stop.

Notice the mittens.  I've been told that they are for hunting, however I think they're great for helping little ones with zippers and car seats.  LOVE THEM!

And of course, there's my new boots.  I haven't owned boots in YEARS, but I also haven't had to go to the bus stop in years either! What you can't see are the fleece-lined tights under the jeans and the three shirts that I'm wearing.  I'm telling you, Michigan is COLD people. 

What is Embrace the Camera?

I've been following Emily over at The Anderson Crew for a couple of years now and thoroughly enjoy her Embrace the Camera posts.  I love her reasoning, she says it way better than I can here.  So I figured now that I'm doing this blog, I'd join in the fun.  After all, she's right, I have almost no pictures of myself!

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  1. A fellow Michigander here:) It has been chilly lately! I really like the gloves too. I am going to have to get something like that for my cold photo sessions:) Stopping in from ETC.